About Us

I want to first and foremost start by saying in no way do I imply that I have created or coded any of these products.

What I have done. was spend countless hours researching and practicing and lots of money  on equipment to perform the modifications CORRECTLY., and I’ve gotten LOTS of experience doing  it!

I started modding game consoles 20 years ago mostly out of frustration of countless game discs getting destroyed by my children when they were young.I soon realized I was not the only one. I helped many of my friends and family modding their consoles. There were plenty of times I wish I could have just bought the things already done!

What I offer is a service for people that want to own modded video game products but lack time, skills, or resources to complete the mods on their own.

With us there are no tools, no soldering, no taking anything apart, no searching for hours for the software, no countless vague tutorials. We did it all for you!
We supply top quality pre modded game consoles handhelds,controllers memory cards game saves accessories and lots more!

The process is as simple as hitting buy now and your console will be shipped to you promptly..All of our products are tested before shipment to ensure the highest quality!