XBOX Softmod Kit Instructions

Transfer the Linux Installer to your Xbox hard drive.
Insert the memory card adapter into your XBOXs controller port 2.
Make sure the disc tray is empty and start up the ‘box. Go into the Memory area and scroll down to the controller 2 memory card. When you see the Linux installer saved game, hit the right button pad once to select the game, then select “Copy” from the menu to copy it to the Xbox’s hard drive, do the same with the Splinter Cell save.

Use the Splinter Cell exploit.
Insert the Splinter Cell game disk into your Xbox, and start the game. When it comes time to choose the profile, underneath your regular aliases, you’ll see a new one named “Linux”:

Select Linux and then select “Check points” (not “Levels”). After a few seconds, Your Xbox will display an install screen.

First hit “Backup Eprom” it will drop you to a new menu, select backup eprom, when finished (very fast)
select back to main menu
Select copy eprom to MU follow prompts controller 2. once completed remove flash drive and keep in safe place it and the auto installer disk can rebuild your drive if it fails.
Select the “Basic Install” menu item. select UnleashX dash from drop down menu
It will perform a bunch of checks, if it fails for anything except the dash version contact us. If it fails for the incorrect dash version simply reboot the xbox and start the game to play online…it will correct the dash version and launch the game, reboot the xbox again and start the softmod again.
Don’t turn off your Xbox during the process, FOLLOW THE ONSCREEN INSTRUCTIONS until it boots to the UnleashX dashboard.

XBMC and Emulators Install Disk
Insert auto installer DVD
Select launch DVD from the UnleashX dash.
Junk XBMC installer will start.
BE VERY CAREFUL with this disk, it can brick your Xbox.
Select dashboards, select xbmc, install to e: drive retail
after its finished, hit back on the controller.
Select apps, install what apps you want to the e: drive, again be careful!
When finished with apps hit back on controller and select emulators
select install all
to e: drive retail
once completed, eject DVD, close tray and reboot Xbox.
Once the Xbox reboots to the UnleashX dash verify the installs select emulators and wait for it to populate the list, back out and select apps make sure everything you wanted is there.